Monday, July 16, 2007

toxian city is hell on earth

A place thats abandoned by all sensible people, falling down, covered in pollution and toxic waste. And yet people call it home.

Well... not all of them are people. Vampires, werewolves, nekos, cyborgs, demons, angels and more can be found on its streets. Outcasts who have to live in toxia because they can't live anywhere else.

And even despite all this, perhaps because of it a society of sorts has risen up. Admittedly its not a very civil society. Gang culture might be a better way to describe it. Warring groups jostle for supremacy. Some of the groups are species based others less so. Some groups are very overt and violent, others prefer more subtle means but they can be just as effective.

On the whole the disputes between factions are forgotten when one of the frequent disasters strike. Everyone bands together to fight off a zombie attack. (another depressingly regular occurrence). Even bigger problems such as the discovery of toxic high explosives buried beneath the city being ignited by underground lava are dealt with by everyone in the city working together.

Visit Toxia. You might like it.... on the other hand come well prepared. Preferreably well armed. You have been warned.

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