Wednesday, October 10, 2007

toxian city welcomes you all

I think toxia could make a good living from the tourist industry. People would love to come to see weird looking avatars role playing and fighting.

I think some people already do this sort of thing. You sometimes see someone wandering around looking very "normal" with no DCS and weapons just looking at places and listening in to whats going on. They don't join in the role playing and but seem to be having fun.

If you look on places like flickr you can find quite a few photos of Toxia but very few of them feature people I see regularly in the city. It looks like people use Toxia for a backdrop when they want to take pics of their new goth / neko / cyberpunk av. If Toxia was real there would be a chamber of commerce or something like that promoting it to tourists and film crews as an interesting place to visit.

Luckily Toxia isn't real so we get to make fun of new comers and shoot them instead.

Monday, October 8, 2007

reports of death prove a trifle premature

I actually found some good roleplaying in Toxia over the weekend. People had stopped camping and started interacting again. Trouble is there are loads of level 4 or 5 people around and I am stuck at level 1 for a while at least. I claim a moral victory though.

There were even some interesting people on the streets to. There seems to be a number of new "replicator droids" including one amazing giant mech spider. They don't carry weapons but they seem to be very knowledgeable as to whats going on. Of course the demons etc really didn't like the look of the new comers.

Demons are as usual causing problems. One was found in the base a while ago and had to be forcibly removed. I came across a couple of really snotty demons in the Haven. Typical sort of "we are so scary, we are so cool" snotty nosed demons. If I hadn't been in the Haven I would have been thinking on teaching them a lesson in manners at the point of a gun.

Just to prove you will see anything in Toxia if you wait long enough... I saw a very obese human female wearing a bikini and carrying a machine gun the other day.

Toxia never ceases to surprise... One way or another.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

death of roleplaying in Toxian City

I TPed to Toxia more in hope than anticipation last night. Every time I have been there recently all people do is stand around waiting for the Reapers and Swarms to spawn. They don't move and don't speak. Role play it isn't. What it is is grinding up levels for no visible benefit.

As a bit of sarcasm I rezzed a nice comfy sofa and sat down. A couple of the Pack joined me and then people started rezzing beds, chairs etc. I tried to get someone to do anything other than wait for their next dose of 10XP even to speak to me and it was largely pointless. People just sat and waited.

I got fed up and wandered off trying to find someone who would at least talk to me. The only person I could find was some newbie beggar who was really annoying and had met me on a bad day. He wanted me to give him a gun. I pointed out the shop behind him and that I don't like beggars. He wouldn't shut up. I shot him. Serves him right.

While I think on it where have the Coven, KA, Righteous and the Omega institute gone? The only people I see on the streets now as Cyberpunks, Ryders and Shadows. I bumped into someone in the Institute the other day and she was the only person even vaguely role playing in the whole sim.

Perhaps its time to see if I can be accepted elsewhere.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I thought Toxia was a Role Play sim

The new level system has ruined RP in Toxia. Everyone stands around waiting for the next Monster to show up, kill the monster and then just wait. Hardly anyone even says a word. I even enabled voice to check if that was how people are communicating. There is Skype I guess but I cant run Skype and SL on my tiny thin connection to the web.

There were two people in the whole sim who were actively Role Playing as far as I could see. If I wanted to play WoW as a gold farmer I would... I want to interact with people not stand around like a shop window dummy.

Monday, October 1, 2007

another new weapon

Bought me a SAW (That's Squad Automatic Weapon) at the weekend. I think it will prove more useful than some of the heavy weapons I have right now. Basically a fast fire rate and lots of ammo.

Ok so a pair of Mac10s will get through the same amount of ammo in half the time but this just looks good. Hopefully each round should inflict a bit more damage too if things are "realistic"

I wonder how things like DCS and weapons in general will pan out with the new physics engine when it goes live?