Friday, August 31, 2007

cheaters and lag

Between the two of them I managed to get killed last night. Some little punk newbie shot me without warning when I was so badly lagged I could barely see the scenery.

Then when I tracked him down and pumped 90 rounds of 9mm ammo into him and a full tank of juice for my flamethrower he took it all without a single shred of damage.

Time for someone to get the banhammer out I think.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I saw the closest thing to a neko your going to get in Real Life

And wanted to shoot her XD

It was some girl from the local art college with a definite neko look about here and some Alice band in her hair complete with cat ears.

At least she made a change from the chavs, emo kiddies and goths.

Just a thought but newbies and a lot of vanilla types in SL tend to look and dress like like chavs with the jeans, t-shirt, bling and sportswear. We could hunt them down and shoot them.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

review of my new flamethrower

Its all mouth and no trousers basically.

It looks fantastic with the straps and buckles holding it together, the rust and logos on it are great but when it actually comes to a fight.... its got limitations.

The main one of these is it can only usefully fire horizontally. If an opponent jumps in the air or is a Reaper or Toxic Swarm which both fly after all you can't do anything about them. Its more a weapon for scaring people that shooting them. It would be good in an indoor enclosed space but as most fights in Toxia take place in the open its unlikely to be of much use.

The grenade launcher was limited in many ways but not as badly as the flamethrower. I actually use my Mac10s far more than either of them right now as they are the most flexible.

Next thing on the shopping list is a sniper rifle. Though for every day use I think they might be a bit tricky.

I finally broke my neutrality

I was invited to join the cyberpunks and accepted.

I am looking forward to seeing exactly what that will entail. Someone described the cyberpunks and "taking up less room than some of the other groups" and I think this is a good description. Many people do not even appreciate that they exist as quite a lot of their members have different group tags such as "street doc" or "cyber mistress" which don't link them directly to the group as a whole.

Importantly to me they do seem to be above some of the petty squabbling that goes on between groups like the Pack, Coven and the KA. Hopefully less goths and emo kids too.

Above all the cyberpunks are pragmatic. We recognise Toxian City is hell on earth and try to do something about it not just pick fights with everyone.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

cheer up emo kid

There was a big scary demon wandering around toxia today. Oh so big and scary, really, really scary. Then he got really scared when the people he was bothering decided to to pull large nasty weapons on him and threaten him back. Or offer to show him the difference between a flamethrower and a gun...

Things got so bad some of the other demons decided to take him aside and have a "quiet word" with him. He started bad mouthing them instead of being sensible. I couldn't be bothered with it any more and left at this point.

Lets hope they were gentle with him.... though I doubt it.

Got me a new toy

I bought a flamethrower...

It falls into the category of cute but not that useful I suspect. Its got a limited range of about 10m but it does quite a lot of damage and the flames are "sticky" for a while to make it more useful. It does seem to be quite laggy too. That could just be my machine though.

The best bit about is the way it looks. It has a great cyberpunk "cobbled together" look with straps and buckles holding things in place and a bandoleer of spare gas canisters to make things look extra cool. The draw and sling animations are cool too and quite sensibly work by pressing f7 to draw and f8 to sling. No laggy listening on /0 and easier than typing "/10 unholster" in a hurry.

The best bit of all was drawing it when someone asked for a light for their cigarette....

I am not a machine, I am not a human

I am a Transhuman. I started out human and through no fault of my own became less human. I am not a machine though and not a cyborg. Just augmented.

I would have to be a 100% cyborg to be Posthuman

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Born human... became transhuman

Every once in a while I get someone in Toxia wondering why I have a HUMAN tag when quite a large part of me is made of metal. Its normally nekkos that have this problem as they see to really dislike machines.

I was born human lived most of my life as a human and then had a very severe accident where my right arm and right leg were crushed and my spine broken. The broken bits of vertibra were driven into my guts shredding them. I had my spine and limbs rebuilt to avoid being in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. The docs couldnt do anything about my guts so they simply removed them and the remains of my abdomen.

You cant have just two limbs and your back rebuilt as the remaining intact ones look odd so I had the remaining limbs rebuilt to match

So I am still human. I didn't ask to be this way. I hoped to be able to live a normal life after being rebuilt. I was hounded out of "normal life" for looking like a freak and ended up in Toxia as it was the only place I could live without being judged on my appearance every day.

In the future I might not be so patient in explaining my situation....

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A newbies view of Toxia

The other evening I was hanging around in the Haven talking to a few people when the most obvious newbie I have seen outside of The Shelter and the Guardians SecondFest walked in the door (at their third attempt). She was wearing the bog standard t-shirt and jeans outfit plus bad hair and looked so out of place it was amazing. In the bar there were the usual mix of more or less humans, vampires, werewolves, nekos and the odd cyborg like me. There might have been a demon or two as well.

I decided to check her profile and she was born yesterday in second life terms at least. No one who was a regular in Toxia would create an alt and bring them to Toxia looking so bad surely so it had to be a real newbie.

In the spirit of Tateru Nino's interviews with newbies which I always find interesting I decided to strike up a conversation with her and see what she thought of the place.

It turns out she was a fellow brit which is good to see in Toxia anyway. She had read a few articles about SL and was a big cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk fan so when she finally decided to sign up she got through the welcome areas and a few other newbie places and then put cyberpunk in the search and ended up on the pier in Toxia.

I think her first impressions of toxia could be summed up as "mind boggling".

"The architecture and the whole feel of the place is creepy... and everyone looks so bizarre." Were more or less her description. Another question was "Why is everyone carrying guns and swords". I was just launching into a lengthy explanation of the culture of toxia when a gunfight broke out just outside the Haven. That sort of settled that issue. I had to explain that Toxia can be fatal but not permanently at least.

I think we have a convert away from the sex and shopping side of SL to the guns, gangs, violence and occasional sex side of SL that is the Toxian City we know and love so well....

Thursday, August 2, 2007

a bit of a mexian stand off

I was hanging around in the Haven last night when I noticed a crowd outside. This is often a place were fights start as anyone who has spent and time in Toxia knows. I thought I would pop outside to take a look. There were a whole bunch of newcomers who seemed to be speaking Portuguese amongst themselves basically picking fights with anyone who walked by.

One of them challenged me to a duel. I pointed out that it would hardly be a fair fight as he only had a sword. Eventually I had to show him that the thing on my back was a 40mm fully automatic grenade launcher and not a jet back or something. For some reason they backed away from me then.

It just goes to illustrate two of the problems of toxia and sl in general. The first is the restriction on active groups in toxia (all these people had the same group tag) and the language barrier in SL.

I had to leave toxia for the real world so I didnt see if any of this came to shooting or swordplay... though I can guess it did.