Monday, September 17, 2007

moving on from being a gang

Most of the groups in Toxia are little more than gangs. There is no real organization. One or two people may be in charge and most people in the group respect their decisions. Other people in the group may have a good deal of respect too.

This is fine for internal matters. Problems get dealt with fairly efficiently. On the streets its a different matter. In a given group there are a wide range of people with different skills and weapons that rarely if ever work well as a team as they lack discipline.

For instance if you were making an attack on another group you would send experienced melee fighters to the front and provide covering fire from a mixture of MGs and hopefully heavy weapons and snipers too. Ideally the covering fire and sniper people barely move to make their fire more accurate. Better yet you would try to set up some sort of ambush, drawing the opposition into a situation where your group would have an overwhelming advantage.

This would mean that more exotic and heavier weapons would become more important. Not many people carry sniper rifles as you can't effectively use them in a typical combat situation. If you knew you had other members of your group were watching your back while you attempted to pick off targets they would become a lot more useful. The same goes for other heavy weapons such as grenade launchers and Harkonnen cannons.

Of course the sticking point is the rules of engagement. Would setting up an ambush be within the rules? I think if you sent some melee fighters to draw in the opposition it might be. There would be a warning from the melee fighters before they initiate combat. They would then withdraw to the prepared position.It is normally considered fair to back up your group so that covers the ambush.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

War breaks out

I don't know exactly how it started as I was busy fighting a toxic swarm at the time but Neon got in to a big argument with some of the Shadows. From what I can gather several of them jumped him and opened fire without warning.

The Pack as usual don't like the Shadows and came to Neon and the other cyberpunks aid in escorting Neon to the hospital then guarding the hospital while he recovered.

The call went out to all cyberpunks to come to his aid in sorting the Shadows out. Some of the pack and a group of Werewolves calling themselves the White Wulf Clan joined us.

Basically a massive firefight broke out. I got killed fairly early on and the lag was so bad I could barely move when I recovered. Eventually my SL client gave up the ghost and when I took my headphones off the fans on my machine were going flat out.

I think this is going to drag out for a while... time to get even more guns.

Saturday, September 8, 2007


I thought I had seen it all but I was wrong

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Some things beggar belief

Like beggars.

I was wandering around the streets of Toxia dodging Reapers, Swarms and people "practicing" their sword fighting moves by jumping around swinging swords at hopefully empty air when a person I had never met came up to me and said hello. Being a friendly sort of robot I said hi back. Straight away he asked me for at least $L500 unless he is going to be banned as he cant afford a dcs or weapons. He sort of mentioned Miss Wright but "couldn't remember her name exactly".

I pointed out

A: I don't give money to beggars in rl or sl

B: Anyone can wander around Toxian City without a DCS and weapons. In fact thats the safest way to explore, get yourself an observer tag for free and your are ok.

I couldn't be bothered to argue with him and walked off. To be honest if he had been wearing a DCS I would have shot him he was so annoying. Then I bumped into another person with the same sob story and then another one. Then one of them started shouting his pleas for money so I left Toxia for the day.

I guess it was a scam. It certainly didn't make sense. Now we have demons, nekos, cyborgs, vampires, angels, mutants, werewolves, humans and cheap con artists in Toxian City.

Monday, September 3, 2007

to avoid confusion

As the grand wipe meant re-building my character I have changed from a human to a cybernetic. It got to be too much trouble having to explain to all and sundry that I was born human etc. Try explaining it to some neko newbies who only really spoke German and you will see what I mean.