Thursday, May 29, 2008

well I never really left

Just got too busy to post.

Toxia has changed a lot since the last time I posted anything here. For a start its twice as big as it was previously. Its also a lot quieter than it was. Compared to the bad old days of Wilma vs the Shadows its a haven of peace and tranquility.

Of course I am now a commander of the punks having risen through the ranks pretty quickly. For a while there I was in de facto command when both of the bosses were out of the city. I have been in charge of recruiting new members to the punks too. I think on the whole its been a great success. Of course some people joined then drifted away. Others fell out with the punks of notably fell out with Miss and got themselves banned. But we have a hard core of good new recruits who have proved themselves a match for any group in the city.

The highlight must be the capture of the slaver, Amicus Jin. He had been annoying the residents of the city for some time. Some of our new recruits found him and captured him. The sensibly called me in and waited for my orders before doing anything else. We let Coran of the Ryders have some fun with him as he had captured Coran's wife in an attempt to enslave her. Then we threw him off the roof of the base to the good citizens of Toxia waiting down below who promptly tore his limb from limb.

The only problem is that this may not have been enough. Apparently the slavers bosses have had him rebuilt in cybernetic form and he may be back in the city. As the man who ordered his death I will have to be on my guard.