Thursday, September 13, 2007

War breaks out

I don't know exactly how it started as I was busy fighting a toxic swarm at the time but Neon got in to a big argument with some of the Shadows. From what I can gather several of them jumped him and opened fire without warning.

The Pack as usual don't like the Shadows and came to Neon and the other cyberpunks aid in escorting Neon to the hospital then guarding the hospital while he recovered.

The call went out to all cyberpunks to come to his aid in sorting the Shadows out. Some of the pack and a group of Werewolves calling themselves the White Wulf Clan joined us.

Basically a massive firefight broke out. I got killed fairly early on and the lag was so bad I could barely move when I recovered. Eventually my SL client gave up the ghost and when I took my headphones off the fans on my machine were going flat out.

I think this is going to drag out for a while... time to get even more guns.