Tuesday, February 19, 2008

OOC - My take on the whole Wilma thing

I think Wilma forgot what Toxia really is. Its not a playground for role players that allows them space to do what they like. Its a money making enterprise for Miss Wright and Dimentox. They make their money from a cut of the weapons, tattoos etc. that get sold in the city. More people in the city = more sales. People disrupting the city causing others to leave = less sales.

The difference between a real world government making rules for a stable economically viable society and Toxia is the type of government. Toxia is a dictatorship not a democracy. I personally think Wilma wanted a share in power if not in profits.

Having said they are dictators I think Miss and Dime have worked very hard to try and produce a system were more or less everyone is happy more or less all of the time. Sure there are things we might not think are just right for us but there is not a lot we can do about it apart from leave and go to a non-dcs sim. Ideally you would set up your own sim of course.

Wilma did the equivalent of going into a shoe shop and asking to buy a chainsaw. When the people running the shop said "we don't sell chainsaws, this is a shoe shop" she started smashing the place up and abusing the staff and other customers. In a r/l shop someone would have called the cops and banned her from the shop.

Essentially the same has happened here. Wilma didn't like the rules of the game so she tried to change them singlehanded. This upset people and caused them to complain to the government. Then when she refused to obey the rules she was banned.

I thin the best thing to do is to draw a line under all of this. Say "yes it happened, we are sorry about it and working to make it right". Then get on with life in Toxia. Its also vital to remember what happened and learn for the future because there are bound to be more Wilma's visiting Toxia any day now.