Monday, January 28, 2008

The most fun I have had in Toxia for ages

There were some newbies/greifers in the city driving around in a big old Mustang which was lagging the city even worse than usual. Someone passed on the information that if you clicked on one of the wheels of the car and selected edit the driver couldn't move the car at all. That was fun for a start.

So myself and a few people did some roleplaying / telling off of the occupants of the car and threatened to shoot it / them / call a GM etc. Then I noticed you could sit on the wheels of the car... so they got some extra passengers. Then we started walking through the car... sitting on the drivers lap... all kinds of totally OOC things as the occupants were totally ignoring us. I bet they were well pissed off though.

Sadly I don't know how it ended as I had to get back to reality but it was a lot of fun and far better than the usual whining and petty name calling. Satire can be very powerful.