Wednesday, October 10, 2007

toxian city welcomes you all

I think toxia could make a good living from the tourist industry. People would love to come to see weird looking avatars role playing and fighting.

I think some people already do this sort of thing. You sometimes see someone wandering around looking very "normal" with no DCS and weapons just looking at places and listening in to whats going on. They don't join in the role playing and but seem to be having fun.

If you look on places like flickr you can find quite a few photos of Toxia but very few of them feature people I see regularly in the city. It looks like people use Toxia for a backdrop when they want to take pics of their new goth / neko / cyberpunk av. If Toxia was real there would be a chamber of commerce or something like that promoting it to tourists and film crews as an interesting place to visit.

Luckily Toxia isn't real so we get to make fun of new comers and shoot them instead.