Monday, October 8, 2007

reports of death prove a trifle premature

I actually found some good roleplaying in Toxia over the weekend. People had stopped camping and started interacting again. Trouble is there are loads of level 4 or 5 people around and I am stuck at level 1 for a while at least. I claim a moral victory though.

There were even some interesting people on the streets to. There seems to be a number of new "replicator droids" including one amazing giant mech spider. They don't carry weapons but they seem to be very knowledgeable as to whats going on. Of course the demons etc really didn't like the look of the new comers.

Demons are as usual causing problems. One was found in the base a while ago and had to be forcibly removed. I came across a couple of really snotty demons in the Haven. Typical sort of "we are so scary, we are so cool" snotty nosed demons. If I hadn't been in the Haven I would have been thinking on teaching them a lesson in manners at the point of a gun.

Just to prove you will see anything in Toxia if you wait long enough... I saw a very obese human female wearing a bikini and carrying a machine gun the other day.

Toxia never ceases to surprise... One way or another.