Thursday, October 4, 2007

death of roleplaying in Toxian City

I TPed to Toxia more in hope than anticipation last night. Every time I have been there recently all people do is stand around waiting for the Reapers and Swarms to spawn. They don't move and don't speak. Role play it isn't. What it is is grinding up levels for no visible benefit.

As a bit of sarcasm I rezzed a nice comfy sofa and sat down. A couple of the Pack joined me and then people started rezzing beds, chairs etc. I tried to get someone to do anything other than wait for their next dose of 10XP even to speak to me and it was largely pointless. People just sat and waited.

I got fed up and wandered off trying to find someone who would at least talk to me. The only person I could find was some newbie beggar who was really annoying and had met me on a bad day. He wanted me to give him a gun. I pointed out the shop behind him and that I don't like beggars. He wouldn't shut up. I shot him. Serves him right.

While I think on it where have the Coven, KA, Righteous and the Omega institute gone? The only people I see on the streets now as Cyberpunks, Ryders and Shadows. I bumped into someone in the Institute the other day and she was the only person even vaguely role playing in the whole sim.

Perhaps its time to see if I can be accepted elsewhere.