Sunday, January 20, 2008

he said she said that he said that he said that so-and-so is a tattle-tail

That just about sums up the level of discourse here in Toxia right now. Petty bitching and arguing about nothing. A primary school teacher would not tolerate it in their classroom and Toxia is meant to be a place for adults.

If people have such "deep seated" grievances with one another due to personal conflicts that have nothing to do with various groups I say we have a tournament. 1 on 1 battles in the arena with everyone watching. If you can't stand person A and they can't stand you and this impacts on the life of the city then you fight them in front of everyone. Fair fights ideally but if your a level 1 picking on a level 10 then best of luck to you.

Most arguments seem to stem from different interpretations of the rule of engagement and specifically when you can attack someone. It seems to me that some people bend these rules to their advantage by annoying someone that they cannot realistically beat in combat and then claiming that they were attacked outside of the rules when that person finally looses patience (this taunting and name calling can go on for ages yet the first blow is "unexpected", yeah right).

So its either change the rules on when you can attack or set up tournaments. Changing the rules will only cause more problems. The only way to make it so you cant bend the rules is to declare the city a free fire zone. The server will not cope with that. At least a tournament overseen by a GM or three would force people to consider how they act. If they don't want to be publicly humiliated in a fair fight they should be more careful about what they say.

Who knows I might even make some money taking bets....