Tuesday, January 22, 2008

OOC Post - lag and what I think is causing it

Everyone knows lag in Toxia is getting worse by the day. Often its hard to move around, combat is a waste of time, attachments dont work right and DCS takes ages to work.

Personally I think that DCS is the cause of all this. Sure laggy weapons, AOs, jump enhancers and the like don't help but the one script more or less everyone runs is DCS. I know its meant to be very lightweight and it probably is but its causing no end of problems.

I think the problem lies with the communication between an AV and the dcs2.org website and almost certainly the mysql database that powers DCS.

Why do I think this? Well when I visit other non-dcs sims things are way better. When I visit any DCS sim the lag goes through the roof. Packets get dropped left right and center. The DCS2.org site seems to be really, really slow too. The final straw was when I TPed to a non-dcs sim with my DCS still attached and saw something like "unable to connect to mysql" as my DCS tried to switch into global mode. I haven't tried going to a DCS sim with DCS turned off yet though. I will tomorrow.

I think the root cause of the problem is that there are just more and more sims that run DCS now. That means a lot more AVs with DCS attached to them and therefore a lot more connections to the DCS server (Even if each connection is event driven e.g. only sends data to the server when something happens as a discrete connection its going to be a lot of connections, if its a persistent connection while you are in a DCS sim.... god help us). If the server is bandwidth limited some of those connections will fail and lag ensues.

What to do about it? I guess Miss and Dime will have to buy more bandwidth in the short term... long term who knows... have multiple DCS servers and which one you log into depends on which sim you are in?

Something has to be done for sure.