Monday, January 14, 2008

why the hell does everyone fight for no reason

In the last few weeks / months there has been virtually non-stop conflict between one group or another in the city. Cybers vs Shadows, Shadows vs Pack and now Pack vs Cybers. For all I know some of the groups like the KA and Coven have been having similar problems but as I don't know many people in those groups its hard for me to tell.

The thing is that if you talk to the majority of the people in the affected groups they don't want a fight. They will protect the other members of their group of course but 95% of the people in a group won't start a fight if they can help it.

That leaves 5% of people in each group (and maybe not in most groups) that are trigger happy. It often seems that they are quite high in the hierarchy of the various groups and in the city in general.

So a few people can start a war that no one really wants. Just for their own fun. And guess who gets hurt. Not the people starting it, thats for sure. Generals stand back and send in the footsoldiers.

Imagine you had just starting visiting the city. Enjoying the atmosphere and the people. Someone recruits you to a group. "Great" you think, "even more RP possibilities". Before you know it people you were chatting to just a few days ago are shooting at you more or less on sight. Does this really help the city as a whole? I don't think so.