Tuesday, August 28, 2007

review of my new flamethrower

Its all mouth and no trousers basically.

It looks fantastic with the straps and buckles holding it together, the rust and logos on it are great but when it actually comes to a fight.... its got limitations.

The main one of these is it can only usefully fire horizontally. If an opponent jumps in the air or is a Reaper or Toxic Swarm which both fly after all you can't do anything about them. Its more a weapon for scaring people that shooting them. It would be good in an indoor enclosed space but as most fights in Toxia take place in the open its unlikely to be of much use.

The grenade launcher was limited in many ways but not as badly as the flamethrower. I actually use my Mac10s far more than either of them right now as they are the most flexible.

Next thing on the shopping list is a sniper rifle. Though for every day use I think they might be a bit tricky.

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