Thursday, August 23, 2007

cheer up emo kid

There was a big scary demon wandering around toxia today. Oh so big and scary, really, really scary. Then he got really scared when the people he was bothering decided to to pull large nasty weapons on him and threaten him back. Or offer to show him the difference between a flamethrower and a gun...

Things got so bad some of the other demons decided to take him aside and have a "quiet word" with him. He started bad mouthing them instead of being sensible. I couldn't be bothered with it any more and left at this point.

Lets hope they were gentle with him.... though I doubt it.


Tarr and Fether said...
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Gomi Graves said...

I fought a demon the other night. Foolish move. I had a sword. He had guns. I lost. Luckily, a Fallen Angel came to my aid and killed the demon. I learned my lesson. I now have a pair of guns.

Gomi Graves