Thursday, August 23, 2007

Got me a new toy

I bought a flamethrower...

It falls into the category of cute but not that useful I suspect. Its got a limited range of about 10m but it does quite a lot of damage and the flames are "sticky" for a while to make it more useful. It does seem to be quite laggy too. That could just be my machine though.

The best bit about is the way it looks. It has a great cyberpunk "cobbled together" look with straps and buckles holding things in place and a bandoleer of spare gas canisters to make things look extra cool. The draw and sling animations are cool too and quite sensibly work by pressing f7 to draw and f8 to sling. No laggy listening on /0 and easier than typing "/10 unholster" in a hurry.

The best bit of all was drawing it when someone asked for a light for their cigarette....

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