Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A newbies view of Toxia

The other evening I was hanging around in the Haven talking to a few people when the most obvious newbie I have seen outside of The Shelter and the Guardians SecondFest walked in the door (at their third attempt). She was wearing the bog standard t-shirt and jeans outfit plus bad hair and looked so out of place it was amazing. In the bar there were the usual mix of more or less humans, vampires, werewolves, nekos and the odd cyborg like me. There might have been a demon or two as well.

I decided to check her profile and she was born yesterday in second life terms at least. No one who was a regular in Toxia would create an alt and bring them to Toxia looking so bad surely so it had to be a real newbie.

In the spirit of Tateru Nino's interviews with newbies which I always find interesting I decided to strike up a conversation with her and see what she thought of the place.

It turns out she was a fellow brit which is good to see in Toxia anyway. She had read a few articles about SL and was a big cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk fan so when she finally decided to sign up she got through the welcome areas and a few other newbie places and then put cyberpunk in the search and ended up on the pier in Toxia.

I think her first impressions of toxia could be summed up as "mind boggling".

"The architecture and the whole feel of the place is creepy... and everyone looks so bizarre." Were more or less her description. Another question was "Why is everyone carrying guns and swords". I was just launching into a lengthy explanation of the culture of toxia when a gunfight broke out just outside the Haven. That sort of settled that issue. I had to explain that Toxia can be fatal but not permanently at least.

I think we have a convert away from the sex and shopping side of SL to the guns, gangs, violence and occasional sex side of SL that is the Toxian City we know and love so well....

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