Thursday, August 2, 2007

a bit of a mexian stand off

I was hanging around in the Haven last night when I noticed a crowd outside. This is often a place were fights start as anyone who has spent and time in Toxia knows. I thought I would pop outside to take a look. There were a whole bunch of newcomers who seemed to be speaking Portuguese amongst themselves basically picking fights with anyone who walked by.

One of them challenged me to a duel. I pointed out that it would hardly be a fair fight as he only had a sword. Eventually I had to show him that the thing on my back was a 40mm fully automatic grenade launcher and not a jet back or something. For some reason they backed away from me then.

It just goes to illustrate two of the problems of toxia and sl in general. The first is the restriction on active groups in toxia (all these people had the same group tag) and the language barrier in SL.

I had to leave toxia for the real world so I didnt see if any of this came to shooting or swordplay... though I can guess it did.

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