Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I finally broke my neutrality

I was invited to join the cyberpunks and accepted.

I am looking forward to seeing exactly what that will entail. Someone described the cyberpunks and "taking up less room than some of the other groups" and I think this is a good description. Many people do not even appreciate that they exist as quite a lot of their members have different group tags such as "street doc" or "cyber mistress" which don't link them directly to the group as a whole.

Importantly to me they do seem to be above some of the petty squabbling that goes on between groups like the Pack, Coven and the KA. Hopefully less goths and emo kids too.

Above all the cyberpunks are pragmatic. We recognise Toxian City is hell on earth and try to do something about it not just pick fights with everyone.

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